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These Venemous Animals May Save Your Life
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Did you know that the venom of a saw-scaled viper can treat a heart attack?Read More..

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Photo of the Day: Old Guard

Photo of the Day: Mexico’s Lake Camécuaro is known for its crystal clear water and the cypress trees that guard it.Read More..

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The Secret Lives of Cadavers

A donated organ can save a life, but a body provides the foundation to save many more. See how cadavers teach everyone from surgeons to automakers.Read More..

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Alex Honnold Isn't Fearless-He Just Accepts Death

People say climber Alex Honnold—pictured here dangling from an overhang—is unafraid of death. He insists he just has a greater acceptance of his own mortality.Read More..

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The Corpse Flower: Behind the Stink

As the New York Botanical Garden’s corpse flower begins its bloom, a smell similar to rotting meat fills the air. Learn more about the pungent plant.Read More..

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Friday Fact: Great White Sharks can detect a drop of blood in 25 gallons of water.Read More..

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English bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds in the world, but mo..
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English bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds in the world, but more than a century of selective breeding has lead to very low genetic diversity—resultin g iRead More..

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The Art of Shaping a Bonsai Tree

Watch: “If you don’t respect that life and death is a very real part of the creative process of bonsai … you don’t have anything in the end except for a big Read More..

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Gallery: Behind-the-Scenes at a Tiger Photo Shoot

Sumatran tigers are the last of the so-called “island tiger” subspecies that once roamed Indonesia. For International Tiger Day, enjoy a glimpse behind the sceneRead More..

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Oyuncu Umay Anadolu Kaboğlu'nun ezan nefreti http://goo.gl/XkyP2WRead More..

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Erdoğan'dan ABD'li generale: Sen kimsin haddini bil http://goo.gl/EzNAngRead More..

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Steve Winter Photography and Bertie Gregory are LIVE in search of wild j..
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Steve Winter Photography and Bertie Gregory are LIVE in search of wild jaguars in Brazil. Ask them questions in the comments!Read More..

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TSK'nın yapısı tamamen değişiyor http://goo.gl/ZeXeRGRead More..

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Erdoğan'ın haddini bil dediği ABD'li komutan kıvırdı http://goo.gl/F5zFh4Read More..

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Erdoğan: FETO'nun 40 yıllık planını 20 saatte bozduk http://goo.gl/CzV3p0Read More..

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Rio 2016
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Souvenez-vous... L'histoire des Jeux Olympiques continue du 5 au 21 août sur Canal+ et dès à présent sur CanalPlus Rio 2016 ! #Rio2016Read More..

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Darbeci listesindesiniz diye dolandırıyorlar http://goo.gl/AvmovRRead More..

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Photos: Gaze at Supernova Remains and Saturn's Six-Sided Storm

These wisps of glowing gas are the remnants of a supernova that rocked the Large Magellanic Cloud more than 160,000 years ago. Peruse through the week’s most awe-iRead More..

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Ahmet Hakan Atatürkçü oldu http://goo.gl/jiXXKeRead More..

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Prince Damien - Glücksmoment (Official Video)

Yeah!! "Glücksmoment" hat über 4 Mio Klicks auf YouTube🎉❤️ - Schöne und Happy Sommerferien wünsch ich den Queens&Kings👑 aus Bayern🍹😎🌴 Read More..

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Trump'ın siyasi danışmanı Hillary için Gülenci diyor http://goo.gl/MRYJxdRead More..

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Şehitleri anma programında gözyaşları sel oldu http://goo.gl/t1UXjXRead More..

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Hakkari'de askerlere hain saldırı: 5 şehit http://goo.gl/MdEMDlRead More..

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