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If You're Afraid of Heights Don't Watch This Ropeless Climber

Our video of the day: Witness one adventurer’s incredible feat of climbing Mexico’s 1,750-foot (533-meter) El Sendero Luminoso—without rope.Read More..

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Python Devours Then Throws Up An Antelope
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In Gorakhpur, India, a python devoured an entire antelope—and then spit it back up. Why?Read More..

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Cerablus'ta TSK’nın imha ettiği terör yuvaları görüntülendi http://goo.gl/SBi4OqRead More..

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Photo of the Day: Obscured Icon

Photo of the Day: Located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, 80-foot (24-meter) McWay Falls is an iconic spot near Big Sur, California.Read More..

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Koç Üniversitesi öğrencileri 4. köprü için eyleme hazır http://bit.ly/2bY75g kRead More..

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TSK'dan Cerablus operasyonu açıklaması http://bit.ly/2bP5iv bRead More..

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Heading Camera-First Into the Storm

"I couldn't believe what I was looking at," he says. "It was so surreal to me,” says photographer Mitch Dobrowner of the first time he found himself facing a superRead More..

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Cerablus'ta çok sayıda mühimmat ele geçirildi http://bit.ly/2bYHt2 IRead More..

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İtalya'da yağma skandalı http://goo.gl/MNntxqRead More..

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The Worst Places to be Stung? Ask This Guy

Which insect stings are the worst? Entomologist Justin Schmidt reveals the history of bugs’ most feared defense.Read More..

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Cerablus'ta çocukların özgürlük sevinci http://bit.ly/2bJ9wX mRead More..

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The Four Principal Causes of Blindness

Worldwide, approximately 285 million people suffer from vision loss. Explore a few of the most common causes—and their potential cures.Read More..

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TIL: Female Lions Synchronize Their "Periods"
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To give cubs their best chance at survival, lionesses synchronize their reproductive cycles.Read More..

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Beyaz Türkler 3. Köprü'ye karşı çevreci kesildiler http://bit.ly/2bu97r pRead More..

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See a Surprise Comet Landslide and a Gleaming Dwarf Galaxy

Blue patches in NGC 5264—a dwarf galaxy more than 15 million light-years away—are regions of new star formation. See more of this week's most awe inspiring spaceRead More..

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Fransız Bakan İran'da tesettüre girdi http://bit.ly/2bPbrX YRead More..

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Cerablus kalkanı büyüyor http://bit.ly/2bJGH9 2Read More..

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Meet ‘The Eye’ a strange and nearly perfect spherical island that mo..

In the middle of South America there is a strange and almost perfectly spherical island that moves on its own. Intrigued?Read More..

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Shania Twain - Man! I Feel Like A Woman
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Shania Twain ma 51 éves. Nosztalgiázzunk egy kicsit az énekesnő születésnapja alkalmából! Melyik a kedvenc Shania Twain-zenétek? YouTube #youtube #zene #shaRead More..

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Yavuz Sultan Selim Köprüsü'nde trafik yoğunluğu http://goo.gl/IA3iVnRead More..

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FETÖ’nün Altunizade'deki karargahı http://bit.ly/2bqFbh bRead More..

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AFP'nin Türkiye Suriyelileri vuruyor yalanı http://bit.ly/2bQPyc 3Read More..

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