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"Have you ever read the U.S. Constitution?"
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Watch the father of a fallen Muslim soldier ask Donald J. Trump if he has ever read the U.S. Constitution. http://ti.me/2a5i21FRead More..

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Friday humor #xl8 #t9n #translation #translator source via @JeromobotRead More..

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Will you be skylarking this weekend? Read the full definition here: http://www.dictionar y.com/wordoftheday/2 016/07/29Read More..

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R&D at Esri
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Check out some of the exciting things our developers have been working on! http://arcg.is/29iAC OC #ArcGISRead More..

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Trending: Clinton: 'Enough With The Bigotry And Bombast'

📈 'Bombast' originally meant "cotton padding." It refers to inflated speech that seems padded or overstuffed.Read More..

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Camden County Library Members Now Have Free Access to Rosetta Stone | Ca..

The Camden County Library System is now offering patrons free access to Rosetta Stone for those who want to learn a different language. Whether library card members Read More..

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7 riveting words for befuddling blunders by Dictionary.com

Have you ever said something like, "Would you like some butter on your bed?" There's a word for that: http://bit.ly/1UAFIK yRead More..

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Trending: Accepting Nomination, Clinton Says U.S. Faces 'Moment Of Recko..

Can lookup trends predict headlines? 'Reckoning', a seemingly common word, trended all last night and into this morning—when it showed up in a slew of headlines.Read More..

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Have you seen the latest updates to #ArcGIS Online? Check it out! http://arcg.is/1tukQ u1Read More..

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We Just Antedated 'Pantsuit' By 99 Years

New research shows that the word 'pantsuit' is almost a hundred years older than was previously believed.Read More..

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Square Headed Wasp preys upon Drone Fly

New post added at What's That Bug? - Square Headed Wasp preys upon Drone Fly Subject: Predation Location: Andover, NJ July 28, 2016 8:16 am I was lurking around Read More..

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Jessica Vorobel was nominated for her great work at the recent Esri conference! #HylandLife #EsriUCRead More..

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Cicada Exuvia

New post added at What's That Bug? - Cicada Exuvia Subject: Exoskeleton Location: Massachusetts July 29, 2016 4:27 am Found a molted exoskeleton this morning outRead More..

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Colleagues converged to hear David Gadsden share Esri's vision of applying #GIS towards a more sustainable future!Read More..

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#FlashbackFriday Have you every called someone a jive turkey? Full definition here: http://bit.ly/2armJ4 5Read More..

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Clearwing Moth

New post added at What's That Bug? - Clearwing Moth Subject: Clearwing Moth + Hover Fly Location: Central MT mountains July 28, 2016 8:33 pm Took this photo todaRead More..

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