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Dante Alighieri, an Italian poet from Florence, is credited with creating the Italian language. Did you see what Peter did in Florence? Take a look! http://bit.ly/Read More..

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Share an example sentence with us! Read the full definition here: http://www.dictionar y.com/wordoftheday/2 016/08/30Read More..

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Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, was born on this day in 1797. 'Progeny' can mean either "descendents, children" or "outcome, product." http://www.merriam-wRead More..

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Aphantasia: When Your Mind's Eye Fails You

'Aphantasia' describes a phenomenon neuroscientists have only been studying for a few years: the inability to "see" images in the mind.Read More..

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The Location Advantage
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Do you want to strengthen your business? Sign up for our free online course, September 7 - October 18, and find out how location analytics can help you make better dRead More..

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Eight food idioms that are right under your nose by Dictionary.com

Where does the phrase "in a nutshell" come from? We're spilling the beans on these fun idioms: http://bit.ly/29tBaD ORead More..

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When Did 'Campaign' Become Political?

'Campaign' comes from a word that means 'open country' or 'field'. How did it become political?Read More..

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Police Investigate Claim That Chris Brown Threatened Woman at Gunpoint

Chris Brown taunted police in a series of expletive-laced videos on Instagram as authorities were waiting to obtain a search warrant to investigate.Read More..

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Grizzled Mantid

New post added at What's That Bug? - Grizzled Mantid Subject: Mysterious Insect Location: Georgia August 29, 2016 10:06 pm Hi. Came across this insect on my front poRead More..

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Discover how Kenyatta University quickly becomes a center of #GIS excellence in Eastern Africa. http://arcg.is/2bMW6 Fh #EducationRead More..

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Green Infrastructure
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Did you know? # GreenInfrastructure ensures that people can connect with nature, have access to clean air and water, and live healthier, happier lives. http://arcg.iRead More..

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What Crisis Did 'Celebutante' Emerge From?

For Mary Shelley's birthday, here are a few of our favorite Frankenwords.Read More..

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An approach to risk management in the language industry (part 1 of 5) https://prozcomblog. com/2016/08/26/Read More..

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Mole Cricket

New post added at What's That Bug? - Mole Cricket Subject: Unidentified prehistoric beetle Location: Lake City, Missouri, USA August 29, 2016 2:07 pm Hello, This thiRead More..

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What Happens to Active Consent When Your Personal Data is Sold? - DMI

Should you be given the chance to provide new consent when your data is sold? We look at Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn – one of the largest user database acqRead More..

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Weekly Fintech News Roundup: Week of Aug. 28, 2016 - PIPL

@SamsungPay reaches 100M transactions, Chinese regulator caps P2P loans + more in #fintech roundup #paymentsRead More..

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https:// www.facebook.com/ listoftop.net/posts/ 1411124209187206Read More..

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