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Mother Durga , the supreme warrior stood up against the demonic forces like Mahishasura . Durga as Durgatinashini is the eliminator of the sufferings of the world . Read More..

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‘She declared war on own people’ Merkel vows to keep open door policy, faces online uproar http://bit.ly/2avRfd 4Read More..

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David Icke Exposes Michelle Obama | David Icke

David Icke Exposes Michelle Obama Watch Here>> https://www.davidick e.com/article/379965 /david-icke-exposes- michelle-obamaRead More..

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Hillary Clinton's Nomination Met With Joy at DNC / Disenchantment From Others http://bit.ly/2ahixq T #DNC #ClintonRead More..

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Clinton Officially Accepts Democratic Party Nomination for President http://bit.ly/2avSlp 7 #Clinton #BernieRead More..

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Lying To Get Elected So They Can Serve The Hidden Hand http://bit.ly/2avBzq h #Trump #Clinton #BernieRead More..

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David Icke calls it again - what he said about World War 3 a decade ago http://bit.ly/2avMYq 8 #WW3 #David IckeRead More..

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China and Russia to hold drill in South China Sea: Beijing http://bit.ly/2ahhaI C #DavidIcke #China #RussianRead More..

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Turkey names second American coup plotter, CIA's Henri Barkey, held secr..

According to Istanbul Police's Intelligence, Counter Terror, Cyber Crime and Criminal Units, #Barkey was holding a meeting with 17 top figures, most of them foreign Read More..

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Aleppo would be free by now if not for U.S. meddling -- Sott.net

The #US is either intentionally "playing games" with the local units, or really does not understand that it is being manipulated, the website says, adding that the lRead More..

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