Non Profits Sue General Mills for False and Misleading Use of 'Natural'

BUSTED! Yesterday, three non profit organizations filed a lawsuit against General Mills for misleading the public by labeling their Nature Valley brand granola bars Read More..

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Top Tips for Great Fall Gardens

Plan a fall garden that can produce a harvest for your holiday cooking. What could be better than your favorite holiday dishes made from veggies grown in your own baRead More..

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Blogger Renee Pottle says her zucchini patch occasionally threatens to take over the neighborhood. So she added tangy citrus to her zucchini surplus to make a delectRead More..

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GREAT responses so far on this #NationalDogDay edition of Freebie Friday! These two cuties reside at our Managing Editor's house! #awwwww Don't forget to enter on ouRead More..

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In Philadelphia, a Garden Grows Wild

"About a year after she stopped mowing the lawn here in 2005, black cherry seedlings showed up in the tall grasses and wild asters. In the next few years, oaks, mulbRead More..

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10 dog-friendly breweries in the West

Happy #NationalDogDay! Celebrate by taking your pal out for a pint!Read More..

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Celebrate Women's Equality Day! When talking about sustainability, gender equality can't be ignored.Read More..

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Take Bigelow Tea From Your Cup To The Kitchen

Drink your tea and eat it, too! Take it from our friends over at the Farmers' Almanac—tea is a great staple to have in the kitchen, and we’ve got just the tasty Read More..

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Photos from Beltane Farm's post

Next Goat Care Class is Sunday, September 11th. The class will focus on hands on practice milking, hoof trimming, injections, feeding baby goats etc. We will learnRead More..

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Follow these tips to keep your home clutter-free: http://goo.gl/Un2aMK .Read More..

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Paul Wheaton

Have you heard of the Permies PIE program? Basically it's like the super special club for people that support Permies - you get special forum extra features, but youRead More..

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Friends of Family Farmers wants ‘shift’ in ODA direction

Friends of Family Farmers wants Gov. Kate Brown to pick a director who will take ODA in a new direction.Read More..

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I Once Had a Farm in Ireland: Living the Organic Lifestyle

*****For 1 week only: I Once had Farm in Ireland: Living the Organic Lifestyle fuer nur $0.99*****Read More..

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