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Meet The Closest Living Relative To The Extinct Dodo Bird With Incredibl..

Meet the closest living relative to the extinct Dodo bird with incredibly colorful iridescent feathers 🐦Read More..

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Woman Sees A Moving Garbage Bag On The Road, Stops Her Car To Save It

"Something was alive in that bag, and I just knew I had to get whatever it was out."Read More..

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25 People Who Accidentally Dressed Like Inanimate Objects

At some point in our lives, most of us have accidentally worn the same outfit as a family member, friend, or stranger, but have you ever matched an inanimate object?Read More..

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santiago calatrava's oculus structure of steel ribs and glass at the world trade center has been photographed in detail by hufton + crow: http://www.designboo m.com/Read More..

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Cat Protects and Comforts Pack of Chihuahuas with Cuddles

Richie the cat (of the หัวหน้ & เดอะแก ง ) loves his chihuahua siblings and shows it through affectionate cuddles every day.Read More..

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Turin's Dash Kitchen Is Worth A Pitstop

A slick mash-up of industrial brutalism and ‘Mad Men’ flairRead More..

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This tall, gabled house is covered in lengths of blackened timber and stands on the edge of a small stream in Austria: http://www.dezeen.co m/?p=961748Read More..

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Moon Knight by Young Kim' -Image details http://bit.ly/2bLgl6 ARead More..

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in ‘reo chair’, Fifth Column bends individual steel rods at particular angles and shapes to suit the ergonomics of a comfortable seat. http://www.designboo m.comRead More..

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Would you stay in this 3D-printed micro home in Amsterdam? www.dezeen.com/2016/ 08/30/dus-architects -3d-printed-micro-ho me-amsterdam-cabin-b athtubRead More..

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Reaper of Stone by Young Kim -Image details http://bit.ly/2btXWx pRead More..

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This Tel Aviv apartment features several rooms arranged around a large living space and long corridor: www.dezeen.com/2016/ 08/30/family-apartme nt-studio-raanan-steRead More..

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Laith Sayigh's design for a Miami warehouse conversion celebrates a neighborhood’s grittiness and spontaneous feel: http://bit.ly/2bGOg0 1Read More..

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Serpents by therealvlada -Image details http://bit.ly/2ckWPT qRead More..

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An exhibition spotlighting Nendo’s oeuvre is in keeping with Oki Sato's minimalist ethos: http://bit.ly/2c3dPJ kRead More..

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vanquish vq48 sports boat is a floating social hub

the design team for the Vanquish Yachts has succeeded in developing the VQ48 - a boat that remains completely ‘dry’ both at low speeds and when planing.Read More..

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Competition: win a Robin Day 675 Chair by Case Furniture

Dezeen has teamed up with Case Furniture to give one reader the chance to win an updated version of the 675 Chair.Read More..

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Beginner’s Guide to Interactive Prototyping: Which Tool Should I Choose http://buff.ly/2c4JZ UDRead More..

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Aedas' mixed-use scheme references rolled book scrolls

developed for the chongqing xinhua bookstore group, Aedas’ design seeks to create an interactive commercial complex with a book shop strategically positioned at itRead More..

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2500+ Free Custom Photoshop Shapes http://buff.ly/29U7T D3Read More..

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"Pixel-Perfect Specifications Without The Headaches" on Smashing Magazin..

✎ Selecting just the right tool for design hand-off ain’t easy. Let’s compare Avocode, Sympli and Zeplin: https://www.smashing magazine.com/2016/08 /pixel-perfRead More..

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