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Owns Nexus 5, knows he'll still get unofficial updates hours after the latest Nexus.Read More..

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JUnit Cheat Sheet | zeroturnaround.com

Check out this cheat sheet on unit tests and JUnit. http://zeroturnaroun d.com/rebellabs/juni t-cheat-sheet/Read More..

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Lets settle this! Vote for which is better, Love for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or Haha for the OnePlus 3!Read More..

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31 Hours of Training Is the Difference Between a Photoshop Beginner & Ex..

Become a master photo editor w/ 31 hrs of professional grade Adobe Photoshop training:Read More..

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What Is Amazon Kinesis Analytics? - Amazon Kinesis Analytics

Use Amazon Kinesis Analytics to process & analyze streaming data using standard SQL: http://amzn.to/2bOq3 a1Read More..

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I <3 Java

Explore different options that Java provides to deal with threads synchronization. http://codurance.com /2016/08/24/the-java -synchronisers/Read More..

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Introducing AWS CodePipeline
6 This link has a video!

Seeking a continuous delivery tool? Watch our video to learn how AWS CodePipeline can help: https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=YxcIj_SL flwRead More..

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Web Design & Development News: Collective #241 http://tympanus.net/ codrops/collective/c ollective-241/Read More..

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[ROM] [7.0] Unofficial AOSP N - Jiayu S3 Plus

Nougat has arrived for the... ...Jiayu S3 Plus? Did not see that happening so fastRead More..

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Orientation 2016: Friday Afternoon

Check out this #HWS2020 gallery featuring the President's Welcome Ceremony, Illumination and HWS Fest on the Quad.Read More..

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DigitalOcean: Cloud computing designed for developers

Tons of thanks to our newest Gold Sponsor Digital Ocean http://www.digitaloc ean.com/?ref=pyconin dia2016Read More..

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Regular People Try To Punch A UFC Fighter | The Alan Cox Show | 100.7 WM..

I would like to have the members of The Alan Cox Show try this. Stipe Miocic, can you help us out? - Bill SquireRead More..

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Creating and Using API Usage Plans in Amazon API Gateway - Amazon API Ga..

Create an API usage plan in API Gateway to meter client access to your APIs: http://amzn.to/2bOBL RYRead More..

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