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No-Bake Peanut Butter Bars
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The easiest recipe in the world: No-Bake Peanut Butter Bars + Salted Chocolate Ganache http://www.foodtv.co m/4igpo.Read More..

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Cockroach milk: The drink you didn't know you've been missing

It's remarkably rich in protein, fat and sugar -- and could someday lighten your coffee.Read More..

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Shaun Johnson scores the match-winner deep into golden point!Read More..

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Il 30 luglio del 2007 ci lasciava il regista Ingmar Bergman. Lo ricordiamo così.Read More..

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Buon compleanno a Jean Reno! Lo festeggiamo con una clip tratta dal film capolavoro di Luc Besson: "Leon"Read More..

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A relaxing place to let the day wind down. #beachhouse #dreamhomeRead More..

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15 years ago today The Strokes released their debut album 'Is This It'Read More..

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Balsamic Chicken and Vegetables
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Get the recipe for this BHG fan-favorite 30-minute meal here: http://spr.ly/6186BL jXiRead More..

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Whatever happened to the #ToryElectionFraud investigation?

Before British politics got swept up in a whirlwind of Brexit, the hashtag #ToryElectionFraud was trending on Twitter, and people were speculating that the revelatioRead More..

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Uber driver charged with rape

The rape reportedly happened inside the vehicle and the LTFRB is seeking the driver, who is still at large.Read More..

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The ugly side of animal tourism: Are you subsidising cruelty?

Two hundred baht for a Thai elephant pic might seem cheap, but you could also be funding animal cruelty. "Basically if you can ride it, you can hug it, you can havRead More..

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The Boys Of '66: 50 Years On
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Today marks 50 years since England beat West Germany in the 1966 World Cup finalsRead More..

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Asmat wants to represent Pakistan in international events but claims that his financial status does not allow him to do so. Read more: dawn.com/news/127418 2/Read More..

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With so much plastic pouring into the sea, it's getting harder to find Dory every day. 🐟 Take the plastics pledge to find out how you can help ➡️ http://bit.Read More..

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