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They scarred me for life! http://9gag.com/gag/ aL9LZNW?ref=fbpRead More..

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“What is happening to this country?” A Florida man is outraged after his niece brings home a Pledge of Allegiance waiver!Read More..

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This Guy Really Loves Chicken Nuggets
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We all have a mate who loves chicken nuggets a little too much...Read More..

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KTLA 5 News
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A World War II veteran had to end his regular visits to the USS Iowa due to health reasons, so chief selects from the Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center hoRead More..

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Charles Blow on Trump's bigotry
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This is incredible. Charles Blow calls out Donald Trump's bigotry and everyone that is supporting it. ���Read More..

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Words of wisdom from an insane cartoon monkey. 9GAG Mobile App: www.9gag.com/mobile? ref=9fbp http://9gag.com/gag/ a4jnemA?ref=fbpRead More..

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'Dumbest Thing I've Ever Read': School Sends Parents Pledge of Allegianc..

The waiver asked parents to sign and return the document if they wanted their child excused from reciting the pledge.Read More..

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Hacked documents from George Soros’s Open Society Institute state that the billionaire and his foundation helped to successfully convinced the Obama administrationRead More..

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Army Confirms: Training Slide Lists Hillary Clinton as Insider Threat

A U.S. Army training presentation lists the woman who could be the next commander in chief as an insider threat, underneath Edward Snowden and the sailor who carriedRead More..

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Yorick Champion Update
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Yorick Champion Update More: http://bit.ly/Yorick NARead More..

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Brewing tropical storm may threaten Florida as a hurricane

HEADS UP: This storm has the potential to become a hurricane near Florida this weekend.Read More..

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Photos from Diply's post

~~ Some Of The Most Barely Noticeable Sculptures In The World ~~Read More..

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Wild Atlanta Shhotout . . . One Guy Has A 9MM . . . The Other ...
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ATLANTA SHOOTOUT!! Gunman CONFRONTS Man With A Handgun . . . And Dude Goes Back To His Car . . . And Pulls Out An AK-47 . .. HOLY CRAP!!Read More..

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A beautiful prayer you can say if you feel like your faith is falteringRead More..

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How To Make Totsagna
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Totsagna is a tater tot lover's dream come true: http://dlsh.it/u7Ad1 UY Full recipe: http://dlsh.it/4dzvj cURead More..

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