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Il 27 agosto 1950 moriva lo scrittore Cesare Pavese.Read More..

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Filipinos seen backing Duterte despite rising drug killings

“The killings are OK so there will be less criminals, drug pushers and drug addicts in our society.”Read More..

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Step inside China's robot restaurant
157 This link has a video!

The waiters at this restaurant in China take two hours to recharge and a five hour shift. http://cnn.it/2bEkZp LRead More..

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Step inside China's robot restaurant
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The waiters at this restaurant in China take two hours to recharge and a five hour shift. http://cnn.it/2bX377 4Read More..

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Photo of the Day: Fast Food

Photo of the Day: Using its tongue—which can be up to several inches longer than its body—a chameleon snatches a meal from a neighboring branch in Cokyasar, TurkRead More..

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Hauts-de-Seine : une guichetière de La Poste braquée à l’essence

Les deux employés sont sous le choc Un article repéré sur Le Parisien 92 - Hauts de SeineRead More..

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Revealed: Plastic is found in a THIRD of fish caught in UK because of mi..

All because of toxic microbeads used in shower gels, toothpastes and beauty productsRead More..

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Chocolate Truffle Cake Recipe

"Love chocolate? Then this tender, luxurious layer cake is for you. With a ganache glaze and a fabulous bittersweet filling, the indulgence is so worth it."—JoAnn Read More..

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Abbandonati nella favela in attesa del volo low cost, l'odissea olimpica..

Mezza squadra - inclusi alcuni medagliati - è rimasta per quattro giorni a Rio in una sorta di favela in attesa che scendessero i prezzi dei biglietti aerei per ilRead More..

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Con este bolso podrías pescar centollas
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Con este bolso podrías pescar centollas. Redeiras de Cariño, Corme y Malpica ponen remedio a la escasez de capturas pescando en otro caladero: la artesanía. FabriRead More..

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Crazy Russians Who Definitely Know How To Party Hard

"First we party, then we Rush B." http://9gag.com/gag/ azAPXNm?ref=fbpRead More..

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Hey Girls, Ini Lo Gaya Rambut Wanita yang Paling Disukai Pria - TribunSo..

LADIES, INI LHO GAYA RAMBUT YANG DISUKAI PARA PRIA. Simak foto-fotonya berikut. Para Pria Setuju Nggak Nih? LIKE FANSPAGE: Tribun Solo Baca selengkapnya:Read More..

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How This 22-Year-Old Will Rid the Ocean of Trash in Just 20 Years

The ocean needs all the help it can get, and this is brilliant. (via Thrillist)Read More..

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