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Caiu! Dilma sofre impeachment e não é mais presidente | EXAME.com

URGENTE: Por 61 votos a favor e 20 contra, Dilma Rousseff perde o cargo de presidente.Read More..

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Tell me what am I to you? Am I a potato? http://9gag.com/gag/ a9Yv93L?ref=fbpRead More..

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Bill Clinton talked like Trump on immigration in 1995, and got...
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Bill Clinton appointed Civil Rights icon, Barbara Jordan, to lead the bipartisan Commission on immigration. She recommended MAJOR reductions in immigration. Find outRead More..

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College Football Player Eats Lunch With Autistic Boy Who Was Sitting Alo..

"This is one day I didn't have to worry if my sweet boy ate lunch alone," the boys mom said.Read More..

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Bolts of Power!
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Lightning will often strike more than three miles from the center of a thunderstorm!Read More..

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President Obama has now commuted more prison sentences than the last 10 ..
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President Obama has now commuted more prison sentences than the last 10 presidents combinedRead More..

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Greedy Dog Always Hears The Biscuit Tin
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This dog can hear the biscuit tin being opened from a mile away 😂😂 Provided by ViralHogRead More..

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Parlamentares que estavam na mesa que deu posse a Temer têm 76 ocorrên..

Analisamos a foto histórica da mesa que deu posse a Temer no Salão Azul do Senado. Nela, vê-se seis parlamentares: 4 deputados e 2 senadores. Juntos, somam 76 ocoRead More..

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Obama Pays Mexico Five Billion Dollars to Keep Donald Trump

“I have been assured by the government of Mexico that Mr. Trump will be well taken care of and, if he proves to be a productive member of their society, will be prRead More..

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Menino de 12 anos morre após ser espancado em colégio

Garoto, que sofria bullying, foi encontrado com hematomas e desmaiado http://glo.bo/2bBAFL m #G1 #PARead More..

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Two brothers. One car. Eleven seasons of adventure. Own #SPN11 on September 6. Season 12 premieres October 13: gwi.io/v9yr9kRead More..

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