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Why I Travel Alone As A Married Woman

"Being single, married or anywhere in-between should have no bearing on whether or not we pursue the things that make us happy."Read More..

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Metallica and Jason Newsted in project talks

What could Metallica be planning with Jason? http://goo.gl/8REo1vRead More..

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Good luck to restricted licence sitters in this part of New Zealand, the..

Anyone looking to sit their restricted drivers licence test in this part of NZ better know their stuff - it has the lowest pass rate in the country with two thirds fRead More..

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How did Lucy, our early human ancestor, die 3 million years ago?

It's one of humanity's oldest cold cases, but scientists believe may have figured out how our iconic ancestor Lucy met her end.Read More..

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Student and her 82-year-old grandfather are enrolled at same college

"I'm so proud of my grandpa for finishing his first day at PAC this semester! 82 years old and not giving up!!!"Read More..

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Field engineer spots group of snakes wrapped around wires on 125-foot to..

Snakes have been found in all kinds of unexpected places including toilets, closets, and now power lines?! via AOLRead More..

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Photo of the Day: Bones of the Balkans

Photo of the Day: Autumn leaves make an appearance near Shipka Pass, the site of a series of conflicts between Bulgaria and Russia in the late 1870s.Read More..

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Glory by Britney Spears

Sweden! 💖 #Glory is finally here! What's your favorite track?Read More..

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Obamas first date film "Southside With You" has $3 million box office we..

Everyone wants to know how President Obama courted the future first lady of the United States.Read More..

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Näkökulma: Sannin ja Juhan 32 000 euron palkkamaltti

- Uuden Veikkauksen toimitusjohtajan palkka on 32 000 euroa kuukaudessa. Se on enemmän kuin perushoitaja tienaa vuodessa, kirjoittaa Iltalehden Tommi Parkkonen.Read More..

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Naseeem Vicky Outstanding Act In India

کپیل کی باتوں پر صرف سدھو ہنستے رہے مگر نسیم وکی کی باری پر پورا حال تالیوں سے گونجھ اٹھا،بھRead More..

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How did Lucy, our early human ancestor, die 3 million years ago?

It's one of humanity's oldest cold cases, but scientists believe may have figured out how our iconic ancestor Lucy met her end.Read More..

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Il terremoto e l'informazione: il coraggio del rigore

#Terremoto e informazione, il commento di Roberto Saviano: "Basta con la falsa par condicio: non ci interessano tutte le opinioni, ci interessano le opinioni di chi Read More..

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Sputnik Exclusive: Iraqi Forces Bust Secret Daesh Training Camp (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: Local militia forces together with العمليات الخاصة Iraqi Special Operations Forces managed to uncover a hidden #Daesh camp that consists of Read More..

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Inland and Outback NSW

Explore the stunning and diverse landscapes of Inland and Outback NSW. From rolling green hills, golden fields and quaint countrysides to the striking red sands of tRead More..

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Timeline Photos

Sisma, lo scandalo dei soldi deviati. Amatrice: “Vogliamo qui i nostri morti - La prima pagina di Repubblica di oggi http://larep.it/prim aRead More..

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Timeline Photos

( اليوم الثلاثاء ) 27 ذو القعدة 1437 هـ - 30 أغسطـس 2016 مـ نتابع معكم تلاوة #الورد_اليو مي من القرآنRead More..

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Timeline Photos

Stairway to heaven: The Milky Way sparkles over Bancoora beach, Breamlea, Victoria. Photo by Clint Conn Photography, 26 August 2016.Read More..

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Jasper Cillessen: FC Barcelona's 20th Dutchman | FC Barcelona

Jasper Cillessen: FC Barcelona's 20th Dutchman http://ow.ly/Xh2O303 EpH0 Cillessen és el 20è jugador holandès que vesteix la samarreta del FC Barcelona http://ow.Read More..

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Genangan di Jalan Tosari Rendam Puluhan Motor yang Parkir

"Udah biasa kayak gini Mas, kalau hujan deras pasti banjir. Kalau hujan sedikit aja pasti ada genangan," ujar petugas tersebut.Read More..

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Isma chief guilty of sedition, fined RM2,000

Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia president Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman was found guilty of sedition over his remarks in a 2014 article labelling the ethnic Chinese as “intrudRead More..

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