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I created the burkini to give women freedom, not to take it away

"I would love to be in France to say this: you have misunderstood. And there more problems in the world to worry about, why create more? You’ve taken a product thaRead More..

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How To Properly Catch A Massive Spider
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Most people would freak out big time if they saw this monster, but this lad handles it like a boss. Provided by: Climatologia GeográficaRead More..

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وطن عزیز سے محبت کا خوبصورت انداز #Pakistan #AwesomePakistan #FlagofPakistan #Flag #Students #PeopleRead More..

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Italy earthquake leaves 14 dead, town in ruins

Death toll rises to 14 after 6.2-magnitude quake hits central Italy, CNN affiliate Rai reports. "The town is no more," Amatrice mayor says.Read More..

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Earthquake in Italy
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"I was sleeping in my home with my family and I couldn't open the door." Eyewitness have been describing the panic after an earthquake in Italy. http://bbc.in/2c5w2Read More..

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Never give a Yorkshireman PG TIPS! If you agree, tag a mate and give it..
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Never give a Yorkshireman PG TIPS! If you agree, tag a mate and give it a share 👍 The LAD BibleRead More..

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Russian Cat Adopts Abandoned Baby Squirrel Monkey From Zoo
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Cat adopts baby squirrel monkey abandoned by his mother at Russian zoo: The zoo's director says they'll let the monkey stay with his feline friend for about a month Read More..

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Woman forced to remove burkini on Nice beach

"I was wearing a classic headscarf. I had no intention of swimming."Read More..

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Photos from Good Morning America's post

At least 10 people are reported dead after powerful 6.2-magnitude earthquake strikes central Italy. Officials say the towns of Accumoli and Amatrice appear to be theRead More..

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Un fort séisme frappe le centre de l'Italie, au moins dix morts

Le bilan est provisoire compte-tenu de la difficulté pour les secours d'accéder à la zone touchéeRead More..

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Cerablus operasyonunun sembolü: Mercidabık'ın 500. yılı http://bit.ly/2c5ya5 0Read More..

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Photos from ‎Al Jazeera Channel - قناة الجزيرة‎'s post

الإيطاليون يستيقظون فجر اليوم الأربعاء على وقع زلزال قوي ضرب بلدة "أمارتريس" وسط #إيطاليا مRead More..

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ABD Dışişleri'nden Suriye operasyonu ile ilgili açıklama http://bit.ly/2bfMWk 8Read More..

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Dog Rescued From Rubble
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This lucky dog was pulled from the rubble of a building that collapsed in Italy's 6.2-magnitude earthquakeRead More..

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Senior citizen dismembered by dogs, witnesses say

Witnesses say the 83-year-old was barely recognizable afterwards: “There was only 30 percent left of his body probably.”Read More..

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How to Stack and Frost a Layer Cake
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For a cake that looks (and tastes!) way better than store-bought (via Real Simple).Read More..

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Italy earthquake leaves town in ruins
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Daylight video shows the extent of the earthquake damage in Italy. The mayor of Amatrice, where this was shot, says "the town is no more." http://cnn.it/2bv7Cr CRead More..

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