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Prayer Day Still Not Cancelled

Today is the National Day of Prayer. That means it wasn't cancelled by President Obama as was claimed in emails and on social media.

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Bush 41 and 43 Plan to Sit Out 2016 General Election

George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush do not plan to endorse the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump.

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The Obama White House is playing politics with the Clinton investigation. It’s time for the American people to know the truth, and justice to be served.

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Playboy Interview: Donald Trump (1990)

I ran across a Donald Trump Playboy interview from 1990. Because, you know, I have I have digital copies of the Playboy interviews for the articles. Anyway, it's fascinating. If you read this Playboy interview from 1990 that Trump did, it's really consistent with what he says today about issues.

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Another lie that won't die

Facebookers bear false witness by repeating long-debunked anti-Obama claim that today's National Day of Prayer was canceled by the president. It wasn't. Pray away!

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Today, we honor the 11 million innocent victims who lost their lives in The Holocaust. But remembering them, without acknowledging the harrowing human suffering taking place around the world today, would be a disservice to their memory. Pay your respects to the past but, perhaps, just as importantly, consider your own role in building a better, stronger, safer future.

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#DropOutHillary Trends over Quarter Million

As key developments in the Hillary Clinton FBI investigation unfold, the hashtag #DropOutHillary is surging...

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What Will Happen Under A Hillary Presidency

For those Republicans who are still railing about how they’ll vote for Hillary Clinton rather than support Trump, Nick Short at Western Journalism has a sobering reminder of what Hillary stands for and the dire consequences for America if she wins. This isn’t a personal attack. It simply recounts – accurately, and in her own words -- Hillary’s long history of seeking to abuse government power to undermine the First and Second Amendments, and to “fundamentally transform” America into a place where citizens are threatened, harassed, intimidated and prosecuted by their own government if they dare to question or oppose her leftist views. Trusting America to Hillary Clinton for “just four years” is like thinking it doesn’t matter who you rent your home to. You might not recognize the place after she’s done with it.

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Feds expected to announce final e-cigarette rule that could nearly ban them

BREAKING: Electronic cigarettes and premium cigars will now be regulated the same way as tobacco cigarettes and regular cigars, according to a new federal rule.

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Lupita Nyong’o Claps Back at Vogue, Sets the Record Straight About Met Gala Hair Inspiration

Lupita Nyong'o was happy to put Vogue on notice as to where she got her Met Gala hair inspiration from. And it wasn't Audrey Hepburn.

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What do you say? If we have to live under ObamaCare, so should the people who passed it! Add your name to urge Republicans to end the special ObamaCare exemptions for Congress: http://bit.ly/1SZpitb

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