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How ATN Works

All Things Now scans the web for interesting content daily. It brings you the most popular news and entertainment links in an easily accessible way. You can browse this content simply by clicking on the ATN link above. If you'd like to browse a specific categories of content just click any category you see on the site. There are many subcategories of content under the main nav bar categories.

You can also search ATN by entering keywords in the search box above.

Partial keywords can be used as wildcards to match similar words. For example, the keyword rac will match race, racial, and racist. However, be aware that it may also match keywords like racoon and racquet. If this becomes a problem, you can exclude undesirable keywords using the minus (-) operator.

The following Search features are supported:

  • Search within a specific website (site:)
  • Terms you want to exclude (-)

Please note, when using the OR operator, make sure to enclose the keywords in parentheses if you're doing anything more than a basic search.

A feature you won't find in other search engines is the ability to narrow your search results by category using the category: keyword. For example, if you'd like to only search the news category for the keyword obama then you'd enter the following search:

category:news obama

That's all for now. Happy surfing from the ATN Team!


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