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Revealing Marvel's Movie Masterplan

If you don't know, here's what Marvel's Cinematic Universe is building towards...

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Persona 5 Japanese Release Date, Collector's Edition Announced - IGN

Persona 5's release date has finally been announced, but only for Japan so far http://go.ign.com/97nmvwy

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Persona 5 Looks as Incredible as Ever

Another look at the latest Persona for PlayStation 3 and 4.

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Review

In its writing, in its design, in its understanding of what makes games unique, Uncharted 4 is something to aspire to.

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Average Anime Industry Salaries Get Depressing

Anime industry, please start paying your workers properly.

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LOL贏韓國啦! 閃電狼打敗SKT

WOW!!! #最新   《Flash Wolves》閃電狼職業電競隊 #閃電狼 #LoL Garena 英雄聯盟 League of Legends

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Team Cap or Team Ironman?

We can't decide! #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan. What team are you?

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Top 10 Secret Bosses in Games

We count down the most mysterious and illusive bosses in gaming!

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Jamie Oliver

Tasty, messy and great fun to eat, it’s no wonder these Mexican-inspired recipes are such a big hit! Take your pick: http://jamieol.com/7VRCqB

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Watch a Dark Souls 3 Player Kill a Horrible Boss in One Hit - IGN

Parry, riposte, praise the sun http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/05/05/watch-a-dark-souls-3-player-kill-a-horrible-boss-in-one-hit

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Power Rangers Suit Reveal (2017 Film)

Entertainment Weekly just dropped a fresh photo of the Power Rangers suits for the new movie. What do you think?

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